The Next Generation

Here is a link to the roster of the U.S. U-18 camp that concluded at the beginning of July.

Of the 66 invitees, 28 were from Minnesota. There was one Californian and one North Carolinian 😉 I will be talking more in upcoming weeks about the commits as I talk about the new D-I rosters for the coming year.

The American U-22 Invitees Initial Breakdown

Faked you out there, ey?  Hockey news intervened.  I’ll return to the recruits in a bit, although this is a very related post.

USA Hockey has named 69 (or possibly 66) players to its development festival thingy in Lake Placid which will produce the U-18 and U-22 teams.  Yes, Development Festival Thingy is the technical term preferred by international hockey experts. 

The breakdown of where USA Hockey thinks talented young players come from (based *only* on the rosters and not on commits):

Boston College – 8

Shattuck St. Mary’s- 6

Minnesota Public High School- 6

University of Minnesota- 5

NAHA, Northeastern, Assabet Valley, Chicago Mission, – 3

If one were to use this as a scouting report, Boston College should be winning the national title, right? Certainly USA Hockey believes they have the most talented cadre in the country.  Hockey East depends on whether the first half or the second half Northeastern squad shows up, I suspect. 

Interesting how big the player advantage is for SSM given the success of other programs on both the national stage and in D-I recruiting this year. 

There are also two players who are over 22 have played professionally, Blake Bolden with Boston and Kelley Steadman in Russia.  There has been general ire about Bolden’s lack of progress with the national team selection staff, so perhaps this is a step in the right direction.  I’m not adding Chesson in with them because I don’t know why she continues to end up on development rosters at her age and with her most recent team usually blank.  That’s not a dig, I’m genuinely curious. 

Friend of the Blog wwhyte notes some interesting omissions in Pucci and Kessel, both of whom have obviously logged serious time for the senior national team.  

Here is the commit data I’ve managed to cobble together: 

BC- Keller, Bizal

QU- Cianfarano, Samoskevich

Cornell- Gerace

UMN- PIazza, Skarzynski, Woken, Marshall

Harvard- Laing

OSU- Dunne

UND- Kolstad,

UNH- Wenczkowski, a name which is going to give announcers fits

Northeastern- Bugalski

UW- Pankowski (redshirt)

Minnesota wins this battle rather handily.  There was no question they’d reload for future campaigns.  I am more interested in whether OSU can cobble together a complete team. 

I’m sure I missed some incoming first-years, so please let me know in comments.