First USCHO Poll Of The Year Is Out

  1. Minnesota
  2. BC
  3. Wisconsin
  4. Harvard
  5. Clarkson
  6. UND
  7. Quinnipiac
  8. BU
  9. Bemidji State
  10. Cornell

Others receiving votes: Northeastern, ‘Hurst, UMD, SLU

Pre-season polls are by their nature guesswork. My own guesswork leads me to think UND and Quinnipiac are over-ranked here.  Northeastern will make it back onto this thing at some point soon although they have a recent history of uneven  seasons. Cornell could go either way: the first-year class could gel spectacularly or they could need another year to adjust, which is probably more likely. You know I picked Clarkson to win the ECAC. And I will let you know what I think about the BC versus Minnesota split, and BU’s chances of success in the wake of the Poulin era, in my HE preview. It’s always bad news to bet against the Gophers but they are technically mortal.